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Addons for Swiftpage ACT! :
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
make calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Create calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Assign calculation formula to field (make a field "calculated")
  • Calculate Total
  • Run your calculations either automatically or manually
  • Over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, datetime, financial)
  • Mortgage/loan calculation
  • Use "IF" and "CASE" conditional statements to build calculation scenarios
  • Automatic data entry (fill fields automatically)
  • Calculate Interest Rates
  • Accounting software functions
  • Mass replace field values
Dynamic Field Color for ACT! by Sage
highlight fields depending on field values
  • Calculate and change field colors "ON THE FLY"
  • Conditional color calculations using "IF" and "CASE" statements
  • Perform data entry validation
  • Highlight incorrecly entered fields
  • Highlight fields depending on field values
New Contact List for ACT! by Sage
say "good bye" to look-ups!
  • Contact list is EMBEDDED in Detail View
  • List can be docked or floating
  • Built-in search by any field
  • Built-in FILTER bar - build quick LOOKUPS!
  • "Two monitors view" in floating mode
PicturePlus for ACT! by Sage
advanced features for picture fields + Scanner & Camera support
  • Links picture fields to Image files
  • Links to PDF, Video and Audio files
  • Scan directly to picture fields!
  • Load images from digital cameras
  • Full size image view
  • Open pictures in your favourite image viewer
  • Clipboard support (copy/paste images)
  • Drag'n'drop image files to/form ACT!
Employment History for ACT! by Sage
track who works for whom records
  • Associate chronological employment history with contacts
  • Enter work period ( start date, end date ) for every company associated with contact
  • Usefull for recruitment agencies
Quick Search for ACT! by Sage
find contacts quickly and easily!
  • Quick search tool for contacts, companies, groups and opportunities
  • Search by several fields simultaneously
Presentation for ACT! by Sage
run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Convert report to MS Powerpoint Presentation

Our add-ons are compatible with:

ACT! 2005 (v7)
ACT! 2006 (v8)
ACT! 2007 (v9)
ACT! 2008 (v10)
ACT! 2009 (v11)
ACT! 2010 (v12)
ACT! 2011 (v13)
ACT! 2012 (v14)
Sage ACT! 2013 (v15)
Swiftpage ACT! 2014 (v16)
Swiftpage ACT! 2015 (v17)
Swiftpage ACT! 2016 (v18)
Swiftpage ACT! 2017 (v19)
Swiftpage ACT! 2018 (v20)
Swiftpage ACT! 2019 (v21)
Swiftpage ACT! 2020 (v22)
Swiftpage ACT! 2021 (v23)

Quick Navigation List for ACT!
The "Quick Navigation" add-on lets you to navigate contacts, companies and groups quickly, efficiently and instantly!
No need to perform a lookup, just setup "Quick Navigation" with the fields you need to organize your contacts and your contacts list is there instantly every time.

Built-in FILTER BAR allows you to build QUICK LOOKUPS right in CONTACT DETAIL VIEW!
Built-in SEARCH BAR allows you to find contacts instantly!

  • Print lookup or full contact list
  • Subtotal and total calculations by any field for given lookup (filter)
  • Total aggregation functions are : Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average, and more ...
  • Export contacts to Excel
  • Export contacts to CSV ( comma separated text file )

List can be docked or floating (see screenshots on the right-hand side).
In docked mode the LIST can be docked to any side (Left, Right, Top, Bottom ).
If you have 2 monitors - In floating mode one can have one "Quick Navigator" window (contacts list) on one monitor and on another monitor display ACT! detail view.

Say good bye to look-ups for Contacts, Groups and Companies and say hello to "Quick Navigation List for ACT!".

1. Embedded Contact list

Contact list is displayed in grid.
You can select displayed columns using "Options" button.
You can open selected contact in ACT! Detail View using double-click on grid or by pressing Enter key.
Navigation list can be displayed in the Contact Detail, Group Detail or Company Detail Views.

2. Filter Bar

Filter Bar allows you to build quick lookups. You can apply a filter to every field.
Filter Bar is an exceptionally powerful function in ACT! and is similar to running a continuous dynamic query.
You can filter several fields at the same time. You can use wildcards such as % and * to give you the ability to find records with commonality. Eg. Gift% will return all records that start with Gift. Gift* will do the same. *gift* will return all records with gift within the word. So the record can have "No Gift" or "Gifted". Gift* will not return "No Gift". =Gift will return all records where the corresponding value exactly equals Gift. Simply typing the first letter of a field is equivalent to using a wildcard entry. For example just typing the letter B in the contact field will return all those contacts which start with "B". The filter expression can be placed in every column and may contain:
Simple values (e.g. "Smith"). These are translated into filter expressions such as "like 'Smith*'". If you type "s" in the filter row, the grid will show only rows where the corresponding entry starts with "s". Logical expressions can also be used such as >B . This will exclude all records which start with "A" and contain only those which start with "B" to "Z". If you are using numbers then the logical expression >12 will include all records with a value greater than 12 but not including 12. This function is great for numbers or total sales etc.

3. Search Bar

Search text-box allows you to find row quickly - just start typing and Navigation List will automatically
navigate to record that starts with the symbols you type. E.g. typing "P" will bring up the first record starting with "P".
Please note : search text-box performs search in currenly SORTED column

4. Column header

Column header contains field name and small triangle glyph ( on sorted column only ) that shows sort order ASCENDING or DESCENDING . You can sort grid by any column - just click on column header.

5. Options menu

Options menu contains the following items :

Contacts, Companies, Groups - allows you to decide which list you choose to have visible.
In the ACT Contact window you can conveniently have the Group or Companies displayed.
This means you can quickly lookup companies or groups.

Limit list by current lookup - displays only contacts from current lookup

Clear filter - removes filter and displays full contact list

Customize columns - opens column selection dialog box that allows to select columns you want to display in grid.

Customize font - opens font selection dialog box

Show search text-box - show/hide search text-box
Show filter bar - show/hide filter bar
Show grid - show/hide horizontal lines in grid

Toggle Docked/Floating - This option allows you to decide whether you want Quick Nav to float over your workspace or to be docked according to the docking option you have chosen.

Docking Style - Left, Right, Top, Bottom

6. You can assign HOTKEY to Navigation list menu item (Tools/Quick Nanvigation List) and show/hide Navigation List using this key.

ACT! allows to define hotkey for every menu item. Right-click on menu or toolbar and select "Customize"
then select "Keyboard" tab and find in "Categories" list (on left side) menu item "&Tools"
then find in "Commantds" list (on right side) menu item "Quick Navigation List" then press "Assign shortcut" button and select hotkey.

Installation procedure

Download addon installation package and double-click it to start the installation. Restart ACT! (!!!)
The following items will be added to ACT! user interface:
An icon ( small green "N" ) should have been added to ACT! toolbar to launch "Quick Navigation" directly from within ACT!.
New menu item "Quick Navigation List" should have been added to ACT! "Tools" menu When you click on the "N" icon Quick Navigation activates and will appear by default on the right. When you click on Options you will find the "Docking" option. Quick Nav can be position on the bottom of the ACT! Window. On the top of the ACT! Window and on the left of the contact windows. Choose a style which suits you best.

Deinstallation procedure

Close ACT! (!!!) , press windows "Start" button, go to "Control Panel", click "Add and remove programs", find addon name ( "Quick Navigation for ACT!" ) in programs list and click "Uninstall" button.

Getting started

Just click "Quick Navigation" button in ACT! toolbar (small green N icon) or click "Quick Navigation List" menu item in ACT! "Tools" menu.
How to install addon
How to uninstall addon
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 Compatible with:
ACT! 7 / 2005
ACT! 8 / 2006
ACT! 9 / 2007
ACT! 10 / 2008
ACT! 11 / 2009
ACT! 12 / 2010
ACT! 13 / 2011
ACT! 14 / 2012
ACT! 15 / 2013
Swiftpage ACT! 16 / 2014
Swiftpage ACT! 17 / 2015
Swiftpage ACT! 18 / 2016
Swiftpage ACT! 19 / 2017
Swiftpage ACT! 20 / 2018
Swiftpage ACT! 21 / 2019
Swiftpage ACT! 22 / 2020
Swiftpage ACT! 23 / 2021
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