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Addons for Swiftpage ACT! :
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
make calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Create calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Assign calculation formula to field (make a field "calculated")
  • Calculate Total
  • Run your calculations either automatically or manually
  • Over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, datetime, financial)
  • Mortgage/loan calculation
  • Use "IF" and "CASE" conditional statements to build calculation scenarios
  • Automatic data entry (fill fields automatically)
  • Calculate Interest Rates
  • Accounting software functions
  • Mass replace field values
Dynamic Field Color for ACT! by Sage
highlight fields depending on field values
  • Calculate and change field colors "ON THE FLY"
  • Conditional color calculations using "IF" and "CASE" statements
  • Perform data entry validation
  • Highlight incorrecly entered fields
  • Highlight fields depending on field values
New Contact List for ACT! by Sage
say "good bye" to look-ups!
  • Contact list is EMBEDDED in Detail View
  • List can be docked or floating
  • Built-in search by any field
  • Built-in FILTER bar - build quick LOOKUPS!
  • "Two monitors view" in floating mode
PicturePlus for ACT! by Sage
advanced features for picture fields + Scanner & Camera support
  • Links picture fields to Image files
  • Links to PDF, Video and Audio files
  • Scan directly to picture fields!
  • Load images from digital cameras
  • Full size image view
  • Open pictures in your favourite image viewer
  • Clipboard support (copy/paste images)
  • Drag'n'drop image files to/form ACT!
Employment History for ACT! by Sage
track who works for whom records
  • Associate chronological employment history with contacts
  • Enter work period ( start date, end date ) for every company associated with contact
  • Usefull for recruitment agencies
Quick Search for ACT! by Sage
find contacts quickly and easily!
  • Quick search tool for contacts, companies, groups and opportunities
  • Search by several fields simultaneously
Presentation for ACT! by Sage
run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Convert report to MS Powerpoint Presentation

Our add-ons are compatible with:

ACT! 2005 (v7)
ACT! 2006 (v8)
ACT! 2007 (v9)
ACT! 2008 (v10)
ACT! 2009 (v11)
ACT! 2010 (v12)
ACT! 2011 (v13)
ACT! 2012 (v14)
Sage ACT! 2013 (v15)
Swiftpage ACT! 2014 (v16)
Swiftpage ACT! 2015 (v17)
Swiftpage ACT! 2016 (v18)
Swiftpage ACT! 2017 (v19)
Swiftpage ACT! 2018 (v20)
Swiftpage ACT! 2019 (v21)
Swiftpage ACT! 2020 (v22)
Swiftpage ACT! 2021 (v23)

PicturePlus for ACT!

This is a freeware ACT! add-on: DOWNLOAD IT NOW


  • Allows the linking of image files (pictures, photos, graphics) to ACT! keeping the database small.
  • Option to place photo within database remains.
  • Full report function with picture fields remains.
  • Rotating pictures in reports
  • Allows opening of thumbnail sized pictures into Full Size.
  • Drag and Drop image files from Windows Explorer into picture fields.
  • Prompt for confirmation before clearing picture fields.
  • TWAIN support - Digital Cameras and Scanner direct input into picture fields.
  • Allows for copying from ACT! and pasting into any document via clipboard (copy/paste).
  • Supports Images, PDF, Audio, Video and any other file type for linking.
  • Open photo from ACT! in any external viewer of your choice just by click.
  • "Save As" function allows you to externally save photos.
  • Presentation for ACT! allows conversion of any report into a PowerPoint presentation - extending the functionality of Picture Plus.

PicturePlus for ACT! brings ACT! to life

For the first time ACT! now has support for picture fields.
Prior to ACT! 2005 (v7) no such functionality existed.
However picture fields are a little rudimentary giving you only the ability to add a picture or clear a picture.
When adding a picture, the file is stored within the ACT! database.
Using today's high megapixel digital cameras would result in a database that would quickly reach its 2 Gig limit under Windows XP.

Now with PicturePlus there is a solution. Watch PicturePlus for ACT! transform the picture field functionality.

On choice PicturePlus delivers. You can choose to store the pictures on the database or you can store only the link to the pictures so your pictures reside off the database.
Storing the link means your database remains as compact as possible allowing you to store more contacts and giving you faster backups.

On flexibility PicturePlus delivers.
You can open multiple pictures in "full size" which means you can have thumbnail sized fields on your layout and only open those you need to have a closer look at.
This gives your layout more flexibility.
You can open the picture in your favorite photo editing program, make the changes, and store them back into ACT!.
PicturePlus for ACT! allows you to store images, PDF, audio, video, etc. - any file for that matter - to a picture field.

On convenience PicturePlus delivers.
PicturePlus for ACT! supports scanners and digital cameras and you can now scan or snap directly into picture fields.
It doesn't get any easier than that. Gone too is the dreaded deletion of the picture fields without even a confirmation prompt. PicturePlus asks for a confirmation before deleting.

You want dependability and reliability?
You got it! PicturePlus for ACT! has been tested on databases with over 1200 picture fields and it has never missed a beat.

PicturePlus also allows you to add pictures directly into the field if you so desire as originally designed in ACT.
With PicturePlus for ACT! you get the best of both worlds. If you are using pictures or photos in ACT then PicturePlus is a must.
It turns what is a fairly rudimentary function of ACT into something far more powerful. Discover the new functionality of ACT with PicturePlus.

Ideal for :
  • Real estate agents - keep a whole collection of photos on every house.
  • Dentists and dental specialist - keep a whole log of radiographs, and intraoral and extraoral photos of your patients.
  • Salespeople who sell on consignment.
  • Company catalogs of products.

Installation procedure

Download addon installation package and double-click it to start the installation. Restart ACT! (!!!)

New context menu items "Link to file", "Link to PDF/Image", "Link to Audio/Video file", "Open", "Full Size", "Save as...","Copy","Scan/Load from Camera" should have been added to context menu for every layout field.

Deinstallation procedure

Close ACT! (!!!) , press windows "Start" button, go to "Control Panel", click "Add and remove programs", find addon name ( "PicturePlus for ACT!" ) in programs list and click "Uninstall" button.

Getting started

Right-click on any picture field on layout and use additional menu items.
How to install addon
How to uninstall addon
Getting started
 Compatible with:
ACT! 7 / 2005
ACT! 8 / 2006
ACT! 9 / 2007
ACT! 10 / 2008
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