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Addons for Swiftpage ACT! :
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
make calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Create calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Assign calculation formula to field (make a field "calculated")
  • Calculate Total
  • Run your calculations either automatically or manually
  • Over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, datetime, financial)
  • Mortgage/loan calculation
  • Use "IF" and "CASE" conditional statements to build calculation scenarios
  • Automatic data entry (fill fields automatically)
  • Calculate Interest Rates
  • Accounting software functions
  • Mass replace field values
Dynamic Field Color for ACT! by Sage
highlight fields depending on field values
  • Calculate and change field colors "ON THE FLY"
  • Conditional color calculations using "IF" and "CASE" statements
  • Perform data entry validation
  • Highlight incorrecly entered fields
  • Highlight fields depending on field values
New Contact List for ACT! by Sage
say "good bye" to look-ups!
  • Contact list is EMBEDDED in Detail View
  • List can be docked or floating
  • Built-in search by any field
  • Built-in FILTER bar - build quick LOOKUPS!
  • "Two monitors view" in floating mode
PicturePlus for ACT! by Sage
advanced features for picture fields + Scanner & Camera support
  • Links picture fields to Image files
  • Links to PDF, Video and Audio files
  • Scan directly to picture fields!
  • Load images from digital cameras
  • Full size image view
  • Open pictures in your favourite image viewer
  • Clipboard support (copy/paste images)
  • Drag'n'drop image files to/form ACT!
Employment History for ACT! by Sage
track who works for whom records
  • Associate chronological employment history with contacts
  • Enter work period ( start date, end date ) for every company associated with contact
  • Usefull for recruitment agencies
Quick Search for ACT! by Sage
find contacts quickly and easily!
  • Quick search tool for contacts, companies, groups and opportunities
  • Search by several fields simultaneously
Presentation for ACT! by Sage
run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Convert report to MS Powerpoint Presentation

Our add-ons are compatible with:

ACT! 2005 (v7)
ACT! 2006 (v8)
ACT! 2007 (v9)
ACT! 2008 (v10)
ACT! 2009 (v11)
ACT! 2010 (v12)
ACT! 2011 (v13)
ACT! 2012 (v14)
Sage ACT! 2013 (v15)
Swiftpage ACT! 2014 (v16)
Swiftpage ACT! 2015 (v17)
Swiftpage ACT! 2016 (v18)
Swiftpage ACT! 2017 (v19)
Swiftpage ACT! 2018 (v20)
Swiftpage ACT! 2019 (v21)
Swiftpage ACT! 2020 (v22)
Swiftpage ACT! 2021 (v23)

ACT! - Addons for ACT! 2005/2006/2007 ACT!com Make contact. Build relantioships. Get results.


Q: How your addons are licensed
A: Our addons are licensed per seat. So for example if you have 10 computers in your company where you want to install the addon then you need to purchase 10 licenses. Please check our order page ( click "BUY NOW" link ) for additional information about volume discounts.

Q: Does your "Abacus Calculated Fields" addon work with "ACT! for Web" ?
A: No. None of our add-ons work with AFW directly. But there is a workaround using Abacus "server edition" - please ask our support for consultation.

Q: When I create the calculation does it default to auto calculate ?
A: Yes

Q: What is the trigger to calculate? Is it on the SAVE event or when the field value changes?
A: Automatic calculations are done when the field value is changed and cursor exits the changed field. Manual calculations can be done at any time using the "Run formula" context menu item or the "Run selected formula" button in the "Fields list" form.

Q: Are the formulas shared on the network or are they local only?
A: Formulas are shared on the network. Actually they are stored in ACT database. So if a user assigns formula to some field - all other users in your local network ( that have the Abacus add-on installed ) have access to this formula ( they can perform all available actions with the formula : edit, delete or manually run it).

Q: In our company we use ACT! shared database.
When can users see each other's formula change with a shared database over a network ?

A: The change is right away but the Ctrl+F5 ( or View/Refresh menu item ) allows you to see changes.

Q: Do I need to install the Abacus add-on on the server or just each user that wishes to use the program?
A: Yes, you need to install the Abacus add-on on your server as well as on every workstation where you run ACT!

Q: Does the Abacus add-on recognize cyclic links ( cyclic formulas ).
A: Unfortunately at the moment Abacus does not recognize cyclic links ( for example formula for [field 1] contains [field 2] and formula for [field 2] contains [field 1] ). We strongly discourage you to use cyclic formulas.

Q: From the "Formula Editor" screen, after I clicked OK, it takes long time to update all contacts with the new simple formula.
A: With very large databases when you create or edit formula it can take long time to update all contacts. We tested Abacus with 50000 contacts database - it took about 1 minute on ACT!2006 to update all contacts and just about 5 seconds on ACT!2007. ( Abacus works much faster with ACT!2007-ACT!2010 ) To avoid updating all contacts when you create or edit formula just clear the 'Update all contacts' check-box in the "Formula Editor" dialog box - in this case it will be done instantly.

Q: When I create a new contact record and populate the fields (that are parts of the formula) with values, the total calculated field does not update until I leave the record and come back to it.
A: There is a workaround - when you create a new record - just enter contact name and press "Save" button on the toolbar ( or click menu item "File/Save" or pess "Ctrl + S" ). After that calculations will work for the contact.
PS. This issue has been fixed in version 12.300
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