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limit to line items in formula

Posted by: Richard

Date: April 28, 2007 08:31AM

Is there a physical limit to the number of lines in a formula?

within an if statement,
can I test 150 conditions or more?
how does this affect performance?


Re: limit to line items in formula

Posted by: Admin

Date: April 28, 2007 09:39AM

formula is not limited by number of lines rather by number of characters .
Exact characters limit depends from formula ( it can be up to 100000 characters ) - big formulae are compressed by Abacus "on the fly" and stored internally compressed. Compressed formula is limited by 7000 characters.
150 conditions should work.

Re: limit to line items in formula

Posted by: Matthew

Date: May 03, 2007 01:13PM

Dear Richard,
I have placed some extremely large calculations in abacus. I have found that it is easier to write the guts of what you want in abacus and then copy it into Microsoft WORD and then cut,copy,paste, replace etc within word to generate the full formula. Save the formula as a word file and then copy and paste into ABACUS. I had over 200 conditional statements and yes it does slow down performance. The calculation can take a long time to work too. I found it better to make the calculation manual so that it is run only when you have to and not automatically in the background. That way when you really need it you run it.
So the answer to your question is that Yes you can add a truck load of conditional statements but when you start hitting the 300 mark regarding conditional statements then you need to be realistic and expect it to take a little more time to calculate. My calculation spanned over 9 WORD pages which were copied and pasted into ABACUS.
I hope this helps.
One last thing - if you feel liek you are running out of space shorten the field names involved in calulations to just one letter if need be eg. "Colour" to "C". As ABACUS' limit relies on the number of characters and in conditional statem,ents you would be using alot of field names it is smart to shorten the field names down so that you can add more calculations inot the character limit. If anyone exceeds the character limit - I would be impressed!

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