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Conditional Field List

Posted by: Gary

Date: December 10, 2007 10:25AM

I want to create two new conditional fields who's drop down lists contents depends on the value stored in a field.
Specifically: If "Status" field value = "Education" then a new " EduLevel" field would appear and have a dropdown list of values = "<8th grade, HighSchool, College, Vocational School, Edu Assoc or District" and a second but seperate new "EduStatus" field would appear and have a dropdown list of values = "Administration, Instructor, or Student".
Since the original "Status" field can have 5 or 6 values other than "Education" - I do not want the conditional fields (EduLevel & EduStatus) to "appear" unless the "Status" field value is "Education."
Is this possible and how would I do this.

Re: Conditional Field List

Posted by: Matthew

Date: April 05, 2008 11:37AM

I don't think you can generate a new field as part of a condition. You may be able to use a layout switch where you have a layout which includes those fields depending on the field values. If you do a google search you may be able to find the layout switch addon I am talking about.

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