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Addons for Swiftpage ACT! :
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
make calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Create calculations involving ACT! fields
  • Assign calculation formula to field (make a field "calculated")
  • Calculate Total
  • Run your calculations either automatically or manually
  • Over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, datetime, financial)
  • Mortgage/loan calculation
  • Use "IF" and "CASE" conditional statements to build calculation scenarios
  • Automatic data entry (fill fields automatically)
  • Calculate Interest Rates
  • Accounting software functions
  • Mass replace field values
Dynamic Field Color for ACT! by Sage
highlight fields depending on field values
  • Calculate and change field colors "ON THE FLY"
  • Conditional color calculations using "IF" and "CASE" statements
  • Perform data entry validation
  • Highlight incorrecly entered fields
  • Highlight fields depending on field values
New Contact List for ACT! by Sage
say "good bye" to look-ups!
  • Contact list is EMBEDDED in Detail View
  • List can be docked or floating
  • Built-in search by any field
  • Built-in FILTER bar - build quick LOOKUPS!
  • "Two monitors view" in floating mode
PicturePlus for ACT! by Sage
advanced features for picture fields + Scanner & Camera support
  • Links picture fields to Image files
  • Links to PDF, Video and Audio files
  • Scan directly to picture fields!
  • Load images from digital cameras
  • Full size image view
  • Open pictures in your favourite image viewer
  • Clipboard support (copy/paste images)
  • Drag'n'drop image files to/form ACT!
Employment History for ACT! by Sage
track who works for whom records
  • Associate chronological employment history with contacts
  • Enter work period ( start date, end date ) for every company associated with contact
  • Usefull for recruitment agencies
Quick Search for ACT! by Sage
find contacts quickly and easily!
  • Quick search tool for contacts, companies, groups and opportunities
  • Search by several fields simultaneously
Presentation for ACT! by Sage
run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Run slide show based on ACT! report
  • Convert report to MS Powerpoint Presentation

Our add-ons are compatible with:

ACT! 2005 (v7)
ACT! 2006 (v8)
ACT! 2007 (v9)
ACT! 2008 (v10)
ACT! 2009 (v11)
ACT! 2010 (v12)
ACT! 2011 (v13)
ACT! 2012 (v14)
Sage ACT! 2013 (v15)
Swiftpage ACT! 2014 (v16)
Swiftpage ACT! 2015 (v17)
Swiftpage ACT! 2016 (v18)
Swiftpage ACT! 2017 (v19)
Swiftpage ACT! 2018 (v20)
Swiftpage ACT! 2019 (v21)
Swiftpage ACT! 2020 (v22)
Swiftpage ACT! 2021 (v23)

ACT! - Addons for ACT! 2005-2021 ACT!com
  Our add-ons work with : ACT! 2005 (v.7) - Swiftpage ACT! 2021 (v.23)
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
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The "Abacus Calculated Fields" add-on allows ACT! users to calculate fields, copy fields and manipulate your data. Calculate the value of any ACT field from values in other fields, constants, functions and statements. Make calculations in Contact, Group or Company fields using over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, date/time, financial), perform mortgage/loan and other financial calculations. Build conditional calculations ( scenarios ) using "IF" and "CASE" statements. Assign a formula to a field - make a field automatically "calculated". Speed up your data entry tasks using automatic data entry feature. Abacus can fill in up to 500 fields in one operation.

Quick Navigation List for ACT!
Watch Video Tutorial 1 ( 580 KB )
Watch Video Tutorial 2 ( 670 KB )
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Quick Navigation List (  FREE ADD-ON !!!  )
  • The built-in search bar allows you to find contacts instantly
  • The built-in filter bar allows you to build QUICK LOOKUPS(filters) right in the "Detail View"
  • Print lookup or full contact list
  • Subtotal and total calculations by any field for any given lookup (filter)
  • Total aggregation functions are : Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average, and more ...
  • Export contacts to Excel
  • Export contacts to CSV ( comma separated text file )
  • Contact list can be docked or floating ( see screenshots )
  • If you have 2 monitors - in the floating mode you can have the "Contacts List" window on the 1st monitor and the "Contact detail" view on the 2nd monitor.

AddOn for "ACT!by Sage" CRM software
Dynamic Field Color for ACT!
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The "Dynamic Field Color" add-on allows you to calculate and change field colors "on the fly" ( both background color and text color) depending on fields values. The addon build-in calculation engine allows you to build complex conditions using "IF" and "CASE" statements. For example you can  highlight a field by green  color if it contains a positive value( >0 ) and  hightlight by red  if it contains a negative value( <0 ). One more example - you can compose a formula that highlights the [Birthday] field several days before the contact birth day - changed field color will remind you to send a postcard. Build conditional formulas and calculate the color of any ACT field from values in other fields, constants, functions and statements. Perform custom data entry validation - highlight incorrectly entered fields.

AddOn for "ACT! by Sage" CRM software
PicturePlus for ACT!
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Picture Plus (  FREE ADD-ON !!!  )
  • Links picture fields to Image files ( keeps the size of your database to a minimum )
  • Supports links to PDF, Video and Audio files, etc...( you can link file of any type ! )
  • Twain support ( Scanners, Digital cameras... )
  • Scan directly to picture fields!
  • Load images from digital cameras!
  • Full size image view
  • Open pictures in your favourite image viewer
  • Clipboard support ( copy/past images )
  • "Save as..." option
  • Drag'n'drop image files from Windows Explorer to picture fields
  • Drag'n'drop images from ACT! into any external OLE-application ( Excell, PowerPoint, etc ... )
  • Confirmation on dangerous "Clear Image"
  • Real estate agents - keep a whole collection of photos on every house.

Free AddOn for "ACT! by Sage" CRM software
Employment History for ACT!
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Employment History (  FREE ADD-ON !!!  )
Want to keep tabs on who works for whom? When did they start there? Have they moved to a new company? Have some of your contacts switched to other competitors within their business sector? How do you know you won't offend a company by phoning them and not knowing if an employee is still there or not? With Employment History CRM software addon you can keep tabs on all of those little things which can quickly make you look bad to your clients. Keep a quick, concise tab on who they're working for and how long, etc. by using "Employment History for ACT! by Sage" software plugin. Can you afford to look under-informed to your important clients? With "Employment History for ACT! by Sage" you will never have to worry about these problems again and "Employment History for ACT! by Sage" tightly integrates with your act company records so all the information makes sense. If you need to keep tabs on those important inside contacts then "Employment History for ACT! by Sage" is a must.

Free AddOn for "ACT! by Sage" CRM software
Quick Seacrh for ACT!
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Quick Search (  FREE ADD-ON !!!  )
What are you really looking for in ACT! ? Get there faster with "Quick Search". There is no need to search different fields over and over again until you find the required contact. With "Quick Search" CRM software addon you can search multiple fields in one action and find your contact instantly. "Quick Search" works on Contacts, Groups, Companies and even Opportunities. There is no better way to get what you want from ACT! than with "Quick Search".

Free AddOn for "ACT! by Sage" CRM software
Presentation for ACT!
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Presentation for ACT! (  FREE ADD-ON !!!  )
Create a PowerPoint presentation based on an ACT! report, run a slide show based on ACT! data! This CRM software addon uses the ACT! report engine and generates a PowerPoint presentation "on the fly" from the custom report template. Anything that can be done in reports can now be presented as a PowerPoint presentation! It's easy to use and works like a charm! Download and buy now!

About Swiftpage ACT!

"Swiftpage ACT!" is the world's leading Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution for more than 20 years. "Swiftpage ACT!" is the #1 selling contact and customer manager ( CRM software ) that helps you organize contact information, manage daily responsibilities, and communicate more effectively to improve your productivity. With over 2.7 million users and 41,000 corporate customers, ACT! has maintained its position as #1 for 20 years. ACT! is an effective solution for anyone who regularly works with contacts. "Swiftpage ACT!" helps selling professionals and small businesses make contact, build relationships and get results. "Swiftpage ACT!" can be used out-of-the-box or customized to suit your needs, and also integrates with everyday tools like Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel. With "ACT! by Sage" you'll have critical contact details at your fingertips so you can focus on what's most important to your business - building strong customer relationships. Who Uses ACT! ? Business Owners and Managers, Sales Professionals and Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, Financial Planners, Brokers, Public Relations and Advertising Professionals, Human Resources Consultants and Recruiters, Seminar and Training Professionals, Manufacturers Representatives ACT! is a feature rich, robust contact and customer manager ( CRM software ) ideal for individuals and small teams of up to 10 networked users1 while ACT! Premium offers a host of functionality specifically designed to meet the needs of larger teams of networked users2. With ACT! Premium you'll receive team features and functionality including group scheduling and automatic Outlook calendar sync, advanced opportunity tracking and customization capabilities, and robust reporting options providing insight into team performance - all improving overall team satisfaction and productivity.

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You can enhance "ACT! by Sage" functionality with ACT addons ( add-on Solutions for ACT! by Sage, ACT plugins, third party ACT! products ). ACT! add-on ( ACT! plug-in ) is a software module that extends ACT! functionality. There are hundreds of commercial and free ACT! addons on the market. Also there are hundreds of ACT Certified Consultants (ACC) and ACT Premier Trainer (APT) around the world stand ready to help you get the most out of ACT! You can find nearest consultant or trainer at ACT! AddOns can enhance your current ACT! Software. ACT! add-on products can perform vast range of tasks : calculations : mortgage calculations, loan calculation, automatic fields data entry; queries, quotes, reports, MS Excel integration addons, MS Word integration addons, MS Outlook integration addons, Excel templates plugins, e-mail merging add-ons, importing data into act, convert data ( QuickBooks, Goldmine ), invoice add-ons, quote generation, sales tracking, customizing act contact list view, company list view, group list view, opportunity view, calendar view, lookup view : colorization, sorting , grouping, filtering and editing; data grabber, fields, tables, wizard addon, import contacts, companies, activities, sales and history, e-commerce, processing, ascii file, accounting solutions, addressing, shipping, data management, document management, e-mail merge, sale automation addons, internet direct mail marketing, faxing addons, graphics, mapping, handhelds, pda integration add-ons, helpdesk tool, support, data import, data export, reporting tools, project management, sales management.
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